Design Starts Here!

Never stop thinking and creating what you think. Always there is time for inspiration and motivation. Start with a simple line.. and than continue developing that line until you see something more. Never be afraid experiencing something that nobody did. Let it be Art.. Design and Beauty in the World…

City Lights

Who could ever imagine that we will develop so much from stone age using fire as lighting the houses to first candles, first lights, to mega super led and automatic lights lighting our houses.
Lighting has a major affect on the houses all around. Take a museum without lighting in the center of London. Whithout any lights people won’t be even recognise or look at it. But the beauty and magic of the light can make changes to a new as well as old house.
It could be ruins, but lighted up perfectly, will bring a new life and spirit to the building.
Check out the video about lighting in the big cities where lighting is highlighting the skyscraper and all the buildings.

ABC of Architects

Sometimes people don’t even know who was the architect of a masterpiece building. Mainly people want and live with their eyes. We want to see something beautiful, and something that will make our heart be happy and pleased. But we forget that every single detail of a building was discussed, drawn and a series of night dreamed how can it be better and how can the master give a better looking.. also for us .. people.