Lighting it UP

Lighting – not boring but unusual and sparkling delight of the house.

Love Lighters

Good lighting in the house, it gives a shape, a color and brings the romantic and the attractive look to it. Pick the right lighting for a specific occasion and enjoy your home.


Candles in the bathroom is one romantic thing to never leave aside. Here is one amazing idea of bathroom candle holders that impresses and makes it look gorgeous.

Bathroom Candle Holders

I guess everyone in there childhood collected the fireflies in the jar. That is a great idea to keep doing it, but instead of fireflies using lights or candles.

Put the Lighting in the Jar

Shape you room with the light and give it a sparkle!


Parisian Diary

I was looking through my past pictures folders and I found the winter trip to Paris with my sister and family. So decided to share some of the memories from there to you. Maybe the pictures does not describe the whole trip and adventure there, but sure do describe the beauty of some little things that I enjoyed and loved.
It was for my very first time to see Paris and it kind of cached me with it’s chic and Parisian Architecture, even though the weather wasn’t the best.

The long narrowed windows or balconies you see on almost each facade brings into the mind the beauty of the Parisian history kept for years. Building facades are decorated with graved details where you see different figures and ornaments, which gives a heavy look a little bit but in the same time rich and posh. The gold lions and the gold polished facades spread in the air royalty and makes you love Paris for that even more.
Feeling special after the whole chic urban structure of Paris, Notre Dam de Paris takes you in the past and open the gate to the history, pain, war and amazing work in construction. Notre Dam de Paris is one of my favorites due to its ability to stop you thinking and start admiring and enjoying the work that has been done there. When you think how many historical moments where held in that building you will feel even more special and important to have this opportunity to see it.
One more breathtaking place is Eiffel Tower, one of the biggest keepers of love moments in the whole history. Love is spread in the air around it, and even you are not a romantic one from your nature, you are going to get inspired by it anyway. I have no idea why people started to think and decided that Eiffel tower is one romantic place, for sure not because of it’s steel structure look, but it has something in it that you love.

And finally, there is nothing better to warm up in a cold winter day, but sweetened pink sugar wool and a sister to share it. Paris is one sparkled capital…

Paris Long Narrowed Balcony Windows

Eiffel Tower

Notre Dam de Paris

Notre Dam de Paris

Notre Dam de Paris


Parisian End