Let “Once upon a time” start right now

There is NOW that we plan and DREAM about things to happen. And there is the TIME that we work for them as much as we can. But there comes a time when we get TIRED to fighting for them, and FORGET about our dreams, and close them in a box, and put them on a shelf far far away…
Since ONE DAY… and that day comes out of blue… and then we take it as a coincidence or a lucky thing that happen. Forgetting that actually that moment was THE ONE. The same one that we dreamed about years ago and fought for it.

I dedicate this diary article in reminding myself and all others that dreams are worth fighting for. Dreams are worth praying, working and waiting for. Dreams are unforgettable and makes us stronger and more courageous. Not all the dreams can come true, but the ones that become – give us strength to believe in something more and something BIG. If you are one from those ambitious persons, than the golden price is going to come later with a lot of excitement.

It is not bad to dream. But do we set big goals?… Or we try ourselves as less as possible to keep our faith strong. Not always we need to play safe. Why not accept challenges and see what happens. Dream big and think big about yourself and your dreams. Keep alive what you have in your mind and soul and never give up.

Let “Once upon a time” start right now… xoxo