Place for the best Winter Escape…

When you need a winter escape from everything you have been doing…
There is a small heaven located in the middle of nowhere but Isle of Mull, Scotland. The isle is so quiet and peaceful you will never believe. You can hear eagles looking for food and horses that are coming right in front of your window,see a deer and fluffy animals that makes you smile anyway. You can hear and feel everything that nature prepared to you. Jumping deer right in front of you car can’t happen in every daily life.Returning home for a stay in front of fire and a cup of cacao – might be a perfect ending of the day. Maybe the forgotten isle seems to you too far away from what you are expecting from your places to escape, but you might better find yourself in this magical and amazing isle than in a loud and full of people city.

And who knew that in the middle of nowhere, called Isle of Mull, you can get you so much power and wish for a beautiful life. Things are not going well and great all the time , but luckily there are places to escape and to refresh your self and your soul as Isle of Mull. You can get healed and see nature miracles in unexpected ways…

Deers in LOVE

When you see everyday not a human being but a deer.. you feel nature more than any time you have ever felt.

Middle of nowhere
And what else can make you have a new start , refresh .. than crazy wind coming from the sea and blowing all the bad things that happen. It is said that the wind blows away troubles and bring alive happy moments.. who knows..

heavenly beautiful place

Forgotten Island

Believe or not but almost a forgotten by humans Isle of Mull, can be more colorful than a painter pallet.

Where nobody can hear you

Fluffy creatures are following everywhere.

Lucky to got lost in this place

The road you can find by being lost can be a good road that opens new perspectives and views.

And friends you never expect to make

Making friends in the place you will never expect too.

The house with the view

Isle of Mull

Morning fluffy mountain ox are the creatures you see and admire how they stick all the time together and don’t get lost.

Scotland I love you



Miracles are still happening


Winter Flower on Isle of Mull

How to escape from your million thoughts

Happens that we have a hundred and million thoughts in the same time that we cannot stop them and are stressing us out.

Usually, working on your career, projects and having a personal life is a tricky and problematic part in nowadays life. You cannot stop thinking about how you should do something, what else is left to do and how you are going to deal with it in time . Especially when our emotions touch our souls.. than is even harder. Things continue to happen but they end and other are coming. After a while you realize you just passed through that time as a guest in your own wonderful life.
The surviving process from troubles makes it worse, having a secondary role in our own movie of life. And why should we carry thoughts and keep contemplating too much some time on them. Is it really worth it and is there a chance to combine it and to escape from our thoughts and just enjoy the moment?…

Do whatever makes you happy and enjoy it as much as you can. Don’t have to feel guilty that you stop forgetting problems for a second but joy the happy moment. Being free in your mind encourage to keep those amazing things in your life forever. Be with who makes you smile and never let anyone stop you from your great playful dance of life…