Suitcase to #Milan

Never stops, beautiful, inspiring, crowdy, fashion, food ,business and architecture – these are the words that can define Milan in all its perspectives. As one architect said that ” Milan was build for business, but Rome for people”, you could actually feel it when you are there. Even though the city is filled with loads of local and individual businesses, it makes it in a way special and you start loving it when you  walk on it’s roads. Architecture has its own chic and uniqueness that makes it shine even more.

Having a two week workshop in Pavia within an Architectural Competition, and having the chance travelling to Milan it was a huge experience and just wonderful days. Milan rises into you some kind of wildness or child that is kept inside you. Me and my friends escaped from the whole group for a bit and run away to see the main square. We knew there is something more to see there. Just for the record, those weeks we were in Milan, were very special because of the Carnival and Fashion Weeks. So you could only imagine how many people were attending fashion weeks and you can get the feeling. Getting back to our escape plan : reaching the main square we got amazed by the amount of fashionable people sitting eating Italian ice cream and enjoying sun and themselves. In that rush hours, time stopped for everybody and everyone was the same under the sun, loving it. It was magical. It was it – Milan. Love from the first sight.

Milan main Square

Prada and other shops in Milan


Glass Roof, Milan

Never stop Fighting

Our life is similar to the kind of Spider Cobweb that is filled with multiple fibers. Fibers meant to be our ways in life, which seems to be a lot of them. There is never just one way, but various that you can actually pick from.  The whole integrity of ways sometime intersect  each over and you end up in the same point where you started. And all roads seem to be similar and not taking you anywhere. After not a long time rain is coming and is showering all around. You feel the heaviness of the drops that are the problems and density of the things and aims you had in the beginning of the road. Luckily we have got our Mr.Sunshine coming and spreading sparkles and light, where everything doesn’t seem so complicated but actually you start enjoying your life path and gain power for keep looking for the anything and everything you want. It seems pretty easy to let our selves down…and to leave as it is. But there is just one step to go away from this and  you decide when to make it. Never stop fighting and dreaming. If one road is closing, than take another one and never stop dreaming and losing focus on your goals, cause this defines you the most in the crowd.

Never late for a bit of Italy…

There is never late to have a look at the warm places on this globe and to enjoy good memories of Italy diary, even in Winter season.
Italy is one amazing country that catches you from the first sight…and makes sure it stays there in your mind for a long long time. I always was wandering is that because of delicious food, fabulous people or warm colors on the buildings. But maybe all together creates that aura around it that you get fascinated and fall in love.

In the pictures I collected there is shown in its brilliant way – Giglio Island in Italy and Porto Santo Stefano. Starting from different tastes of ice-cream, various pizzas and ending with houses and flowers, in Italy everything is very very colorful and joyful. Sometime we are afraid to play with color and to put more color on the buildings but keep it standard. As sunny is the country, as more color you see on the buildings… You can find any type of brick buildings in North part of Europe, but also a variety of painted houses in warm and sunny countries.

Island of Giglio is a smal populated island on winter time, being app. 400 population, but summer filled with tourists and ice-cream shops. The urban structure of the cities close to ports are really concentrated, but than you have to climb a whole hill or mountain to get to another haven place with sandy beaches and cute personal houses that you can only dream about.

Giglio Isle Italy

Giglio Isle in Italy

Giglio Isle and its beauty

Giglio Giglio

Giglio Isle

POrto SAnto Stefano

Porto Santo Stefano at night

Wish you a joyful time and most colorful life to all…

Bjarke Ingels

He is a dreamer, he is a creator, and he is my inspiration. Everyone needs inspiration and people to get inspired from. Whether you are doing IT, Marketing or Engineering, you will find people that gives you power and strenght to keep working in your field with all your heart.
I decided to share thins link about Bjarke Ingels, a Danish Architect of our time, to everybody because he is a great person that gives you motivation to try things out.
What makes him extraordinary, that he is not just and brilliant architect with bold new design ideas, but as a person, his energy and his sense of excitement about the world is completely inspiring to be around, and that would make him successful in anything he is doing.
And taking a minute to think about his accomplishments in life, and that he has the same amount of hours we all have, makes me stronger believe that all is possible, and we can do better all the time.

Have a look on the link here… Bjarke Ingels

Everybody needs Design

Everybody needs design no matter they are doing. Design thinking is all the great ideas and creative solutions came up in our minds and brought together to make better things in this world. Design thinking is not a liability but a strength.
If you are only thinking, than you are not doing. And you have to do in order to know. And you have to know in order to think better…

Have a look on this link… Design and Thinking Documentary

Let “Once upon a time” start right now

There is NOW that we plan and DREAM about things to happen. And there is the TIME that we work for them as much as we can. But there comes a time when we get TIRED to fighting for them, and FORGET about our dreams, and close them in a box, and put them on a shelf far far away…
Since ONE DAY… and that day comes out of blue… and then we take it as a coincidence or a lucky thing that happen. Forgetting that actually that moment was THE ONE. The same one that we dreamed about years ago and fought for it.

I dedicate this diary article in reminding myself and all others that dreams are worth fighting for. Dreams are worth praying, working and waiting for. Dreams are unforgettable and makes us stronger and more courageous. Not all the dreams can come true, but the ones that become – give us strength to believe in something more and something BIG. If you are one from those ambitious persons, than the golden price is going to come later with a lot of excitement.

It is not bad to dream. But do we set big goals?… Or we try ourselves as less as possible to keep our faith strong. Not always we need to play safe. Why not accept challenges and see what happens. Dream big and think big about yourself and your dreams. Keep alive what you have in your mind and soul and never give up.

Let “Once upon a time” start right now… xoxo

Parisian Diary

I was looking through my past pictures folders and I found the winter trip to Paris with my sister and family. So decided to share some of the memories from there to you. Maybe the pictures does not describe the whole trip and adventure there, but sure do describe the beauty of some little things that I enjoyed and loved.
It was for my very first time to see Paris and it kind of cached me with it’s chic and Parisian Architecture, even though the weather wasn’t the best.

The long narrowed windows or balconies you see on almost each facade brings into the mind the beauty of the Parisian history kept for years. Building facades are decorated with graved details where you see different figures and ornaments, which gives a heavy look a little bit but in the same time rich and posh. The gold lions and the gold polished facades spread in the air royalty and makes you love Paris for that even more.
Feeling special after the whole chic urban structure of Paris, Notre Dam de Paris takes you in the past and open the gate to the history, pain, war and amazing work in construction. Notre Dam de Paris is one of my favorites due to its ability to stop you thinking and start admiring and enjoying the work that has been done there. When you think how many historical moments where held in that building you will feel even more special and important to have this opportunity to see it.
One more breathtaking place is Eiffel Tower, one of the biggest keepers of love moments in the whole history. Love is spread in the air around it, and even you are not a romantic one from your nature, you are going to get inspired by it anyway. I have no idea why people started to think and decided that Eiffel tower is one romantic place, for sure not because of it’s steel structure look, but it has something in it that you love.

And finally, there is nothing better to warm up in a cold winter day, but sweetened pink sugar wool and a sister to share it. Paris is one sparkled capital…

Paris Long Narrowed Balcony Windows

Eiffel Tower

Notre Dam de Paris

Notre Dam de Paris

Notre Dam de Paris


Parisian End

Top 7 Why is awesome to be an Architect

It is always good to be inspired of the things you are doing.. and love about your professional career. So from all the beautiful things that are in this world in filed of architecture, I will list only top 7 Why is awesome to be an Architect. The awesomeness of architecture is in just loving it and so much enjoying it.

Always good to be an Architect

1: Plenty of time, because of various schedules of projects.
Apparently everyone get’s a lot of time while studying architecture and maybe some time when working. The schedules vary from month to month. Due to that, architects can have other favorite occupations..anything you can possibly think you can do. Creativity is always on the go and whether architects have time or not they are looking for inspiration everywhere and every time. So, for those who are not, be around architects cause you never know when you’ll participate to a very crazy inspired idea and quite enjoy it…

2: Rich Social life
Attending workshops, meetings and working on projects, you can meet a crazy amount of interesting people and create a very rich network. People working in art, architecture and engineering, IT, marketing and a couple of lawyers are usually people that surround architects. Not necessary to be talkative or shy, you are gonna be rich in amount of people you know anyway… If you are not the one to start the conversation, there are people that want to work with you and have your projects all the time.

3: World wide traveling
You or the company you are working with have projects with other countries?… Why not traveling around the world and discover new places and exciting cities… This is the beauty of it: Architecture does not stop growing and developing. Whether it is an old or brand new house, you can enjoy visiting them and taking the most method of building or designing it.

4: Loads of activities
Architects are involved in various meetings and attending galleries or projects, that make the daily planning activity look very busy… in a good way. Being busy helps to stop thinking and worrying about life problems and things and start enjoying life properly.

5: Surviving deadlines or?
Who said that deadlines should be so painful and hard. When you have the right people around you, you never feel the pressure time and actually quite enjoy it. Usually, pressure and the lack of time – grow excitement and adrenalin in humans body and make the happy cells function. Working on late nights, a good laugh is always there.

6: More projects – less Fitness
One more great thing about deadlines is that architects don’t need to go to fitness. Projects make architects loose weight and that is brilliant time to eat whatever your wish is…Thinking, thinking, thinking makes the brain work double and so the body burns more calories. So, deadlines could become very tasty for someone too…

7: Fashion on and off!
There are two good sides about fashion field of an architect. The first one is that architects should look amazing all the time in order to sell their projects to the clients. The plus is that architects look gorgeous no matter what.
The second one instead is that while working from home on the projects, for days and nights, architects have to wear comfy clothes as pajamas or a very large shirt. So loving going out with amazing outfits or loving your pajamas – find this under Architects Department!

That was my very own Top 7 Why is awesome to be an Architect. Hope you liked it and wait for your comments what makes you love so much about being whatever you are.
No matter what you are working with, there is always a delicious side of it…


How to escape from your million thoughts

Happens that we have a hundred and million thoughts in the same time that we cannot stop them and are stressing us out.

Usually, working on your career, projects and having a personal life is a tricky and problematic part in nowadays life. You cannot stop thinking about how you should do something, what else is left to do and how you are going to deal with it in time . Especially when our emotions touch our souls.. than is even harder. Things continue to happen but they end and other are coming. After a while you realize you just passed through that time as a guest in your own wonderful life.
The surviving process from troubles makes it worse, having a secondary role in our own movie of life. And why should we carry thoughts and keep contemplating too much some time on them. Is it really worth it and is there a chance to combine it and to escape from our thoughts and just enjoy the moment?…

Do whatever makes you happy and enjoy it as much as you can. Don’t have to feel guilty that you stop forgetting problems for a second but joy the happy moment. Being free in your mind encourage to keep those amazing things in your life forever. Be with who makes you smile and never let anyone stop you from your great playful dance of life…


Around the World

Traveling in different places of the world I got inspired and amazed from various things. In this page I want to share my architectural experience from around the world with you. Here I am going to share my own collection with pictures from around the Italy, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, China, France, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Moldova and others.

My collection with places might be personal but filled with love and great moments worth seeing and ideas worth knowing about one countries architecture. Hope you will enjoy it and not hesitate to contact or to ask me about anything you are interested to talk about.