Lighting it UP

Lighting – not boring but unusual and sparkling delight of the house.

Love Lighters

Good lighting in the house, it gives a shape, a color and brings the romantic and the attractive look to it. Pick the right lighting for a specific occasion and enjoy your home.


Candles in the bathroom is one romantic thing to never leave aside. Here is one amazing idea of bathroom candle holders that impresses and makes it look gorgeous.

Bathroom Candle Holders

I guess everyone in there childhood collected the fireflies in the jar. That is a great idea to keep doing it, but instead of fireflies using lights or candles.

Put the Lighting in the Jar

Shape you room with the light and give it a sparkle!


February Home Look

As long as this year cold winter days are still keeping to be in the air, the hibernation still goes on.
So, I decided to collect some good ideas for your house to give a refresh of the month.
When I was little, me and my sister used to decorate in the beginning of the month or season the whole house. We were changing the colors and adding some new pillows. Winter time was an interesting season, but also a lazy one for both of us, we were waiting for the spring to come every second. Having cold winters in Moldova, sometime reaching to -20 degrees Celsius, we were sitting in the house all days. So a change was right there all the time when we got bored of the look of our room. That activity brought us closer and made our house look wonderfully catchy and very cozy.

After a quick research, I found out that all months have their own birthstone that describes them perfectly. And February’s birthstone is amethyst. This stone has amazingly and sparkly nuance of purple, gold , brown and blueish colors, but mainly violet.


Purple encourages a fresh perspective on emotional issues. When using in your home enhance compassion and takes you closer to your friends and family. Purple relaxes your mind and thinking and opens your heart to new things. This color is associated with wealth, nobility and magic.

Bring some magic in your house and make your house look the best with some purple elements. As mentioned before, the amethyst stone has gold nuance too. So, if you are not so much into purple, you can add some gold elements, but also keep some wool blankets to make it cozy for this cold days.

Gold and Blanket

Again, if you are more into minimalism style in the house and earth colors lover, than some blue prints like pillows would refresh your room a lot but will keep the coziness and warmth that we all like in winter time.

Blue and Earth Colors

Wish you all a good February for your house and a great time decorating it.

Make your Office Table the Best

Sometimes winter time is depressing and stressing us out. Especially when you live in Nordic countries of Europe you feel demotivated to work or to study in any way this time. When you have to go to work or to start studying at home but you don’t have a wish, than your office desk should be the one to understand most and to cheer you up at anytime.

1: The first thing you should think when talking about office desk is your chair. The reality is that you should sit on it for those 8 – 12 working hours in the day. This long time only a good comfortable chair can save you. Even though your chair is an old wooden one or you don’t afford to buy a new one – a blanket or any type of wool or pillow will help a lot to change it.

Comfy Office Desk

2: There is a huge advantage if the room has big windows and daily light can come directly to your desk. Only make sure that the light is coming from your right hand and not from in front (your eyes are not going to get so tired and you won’t feel like light is disturbing you a lot when working on the computer)

Light a major thing while working

3: Whether you like a minimalist style or multiple things everywhere, keep things that give you inspiration and lighten up the mind on some great ideas evertyime. Work with the colors too. Hanged or nailed items either with favorite moments or great quotes will fill your desk with history and soul. All the objects used on your office table can be changed every time whenever you think you are tired of them.


Best Items on your wall

4: A new refresh in your folders will not make it worse either. Pick the folders you use the most and buy some wrapping paper and cover them in. This will give your desk a new business look or depends what preferable color you use. This is a cheap change on your desk but quite creative and complete your preferences.

Wrapped Folders

Wrapping Paper Colors

5: Colors used around your office table could be various, but from my experience fresh cold colors or earth colors are the best for concentration and a good environment around your desk. If you adore colorful things, my suggestion would be to go with green (fresh), blue (best to concentrate and think wisely), pink (lovely and cute) and yellow (happy color).

Hope you all will enjoyed the guide on how to make your office desk the best looking desk in the world and a happy place for you to work.