The Cozy Guest Room

rosemary on the tv

A recent deluge of out of town guests have been keeping me and my guest room busy. While I’m still working on the basics (ahem…nightstands! lamps!), I found this guest room checklist that has been acting as my long term inspiration:

I already have a few of these for guests: flowers, waste bin, scented candles, magazines, even snacks. What do you think? When you visit people, what would make the guest room more comfortable?

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Alberto Pinto – Bedrooms

Looking for some new fresh looks for your bedroom or other parts of your home?  Here comes Alberto Pinto, the amazing french interior designer and photographer with his amazing books and gorgeous design ideas. The harmony he uses between volume and space of the house is just amazing. You wanna have a royal bedroom style or an original one, there is everything you need for inspiration in this book I linked it to amazon so you can have it too…

Alberto Pinto – Bedrooms

Lighting it UP

Lighting – not boring but unusual and sparkling delight of the house.

Love Lighters

Good lighting in the house, it gives a shape, a color and brings the romantic and the attractive look to it. Pick the right lighting for a specific occasion and enjoy your home.


Candles in the bathroom is one romantic thing to never leave aside. Here is one amazing idea of bathroom candle holders that impresses and makes it look gorgeous.

Bathroom Candle Holders

I guess everyone in there childhood collected the fireflies in the jar. That is a great idea to keep doing it, but instead of fireflies using lights or candles.

Put the Lighting in the Jar

Shape you room with the light and give it a sparkle!


Suitcase to Beijing #4Day – Must See

5 fabulous locations of Beijing everyone should see are shown in this article. I collected some pictures to show. Beijing adventure was a phenomenal experience that I wish everyone would ones try it.

1: The Great Wall

Great Wall of China is great for it’s construction but much more for it’s history and past. Wonderful place to visit in Beijing.

The Great Wall, Beijing

The Great Wall, China

2: Temple of Heaven 

A place to open your mind and heart and to start listen to them. A magical place of happiness and miracles.

Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

3: Skyscrapers

So much glass on there buildings. The construction is different than in Europe but definitely a good one for a city having that much of population.

Skyscrapers Beijing

Skyscrapers Beijing

Skyscrapers Beijing


4: Art Zone 789 

Where Art never ends… Zone for all designers, architects, and people looking for inspiration in art and sculpture.

ART Zone 798

Art Zone 798, Beijing

Art Zone 798 , China

5: City of Beijing at Night

Night brings all the color and sparkles of the city. China is famous and well known for it’s lighting system of the building, which transform them in great ones.

Beijing at night

Beijing at Night

This was 5 listed places that I recommend everyone should visit in Beijing for now. Coming soon Suitcase to Beijing #5Day Nature must see in China.


Suitcase to Beijing #2Day – Must see OPERA HOUSE

Visiting Beijing you must consider having a list with all the places you want to visit, because they are really a lot of them and you cannot get enough of them every day. So here are my favorite touristic building that I was impressed about, Opera House in Beijing. Looking at it from outside is fantastic, but going inside , your heart stops and your breathe slows down. The effect of water above on the ceiling is splendid, and you could never stop staring at it. The great design of the facade as well as huge glass partition of the opera house, gives the building a posh look and raise the meaning of the building even higher.





Opera House Beijing

Whenever you are passing by Opera House, take a minute and admire it… Xoxo


Add Sparkle and Memories

Details in your home sweet home has a major importance for a creative and sparkly persons. If you have ever moved out or have been gone from home and started over in a new country or place, than you know how it feels when leaving. Leaving some place conclude a whole car with your stuff and an empty space in your heart missing all the memories.

When you move in a new place, with empty white walls and lack of memories, we have a chance to start over and make new ones. New does not necessary has to be hard and bad but good and exciting. Adding little things every day and keeping small details you create a new home and a new whole life based on it.

Never be afraid in trying new things and never lose enthusiasm in life cause you are someones inspiration too. Make your heart fall in love again and collect only the best of life, never looking back at bad things. Even though it is a whole new place and life, with empty walls, make them look colorful and sparkling of good memories.

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360


Top 5 Architectural Digest

When coming to reading for architects, certainly a book has a major impact, but never put aside the importance of a good architectural or designing website/blog.

I listed my top 5 Architectural Digest that I check and love reading and getting inspired from. Click on the pictures and get directly to it’s website or get the website under the title and enjoy.

One of the famous ones. Arch-Daily provides with competitions going on, or future projects from all around the world that widen your knowledge and gives you a lot of projects and architects to read about.


2: HomeDSGN
What I love about this website is the variety of projects and description of its exterior as its fascinating interior. Also, there are projects that provides house plans, so is easy to see the big picture of the project and surprisingly easy to get.


3: Architecture Lover
It is one amazing website that includes projects in there development as well as finished. Finding the architectural international schools in the whole world, having tours in Europe and knowing the latest competitions, makes this website very readable and interesting.

Architecture Lover

4: E-Volo
This website inspires me for the future existing projects that great architects are working on. There is a standard building and architecture, but there is something like E-Volo that shows another side of the story.


5: Flip Board
Mostly this is an application for mobile phones and a great one. It has all the news from the world but also includes a rich digest in design and architecture, graphical design and technical part. So, whenever you are bored or tired, this is a good app for a quick refresh.


Hope you liked my personal Top 5 Architectural must read Websites and waiting for you to share yours.

Design Starts Here!

Never stop thinking and creating what you think. Always there is time for inspiration and motivation. Start with a simple line.. and than continue developing that line until you see something more. Never be afraid experiencing something that nobody did. Let it be Art.. Design and Beauty in the World…

February Home Look

As long as this year cold winter days are still keeping to be in the air, the hibernation still goes on.
So, I decided to collect some good ideas for your house to give a refresh of the month.
When I was little, me and my sister used to decorate in the beginning of the month or season the whole house. We were changing the colors and adding some new pillows. Winter time was an interesting season, but also a lazy one for both of us, we were waiting for the spring to come every second. Having cold winters in Moldova, sometime reaching to -20 degrees Celsius, we were sitting in the house all days. So a change was right there all the time when we got bored of the look of our room. That activity brought us closer and made our house look wonderfully catchy and very cozy.

After a quick research, I found out that all months have their own birthstone that describes them perfectly. And February’s birthstone is amethyst. This stone has amazingly and sparkly nuance of purple, gold , brown and blueish colors, but mainly violet.


Purple encourages a fresh perspective on emotional issues. When using in your home enhance compassion and takes you closer to your friends and family. Purple relaxes your mind and thinking and opens your heart to new things. This color is associated with wealth, nobility and magic.

Bring some magic in your house and make your house look the best with some purple elements. As mentioned before, the amethyst stone has gold nuance too. So, if you are not so much into purple, you can add some gold elements, but also keep some wool blankets to make it cozy for this cold days.

Gold and Blanket

Again, if you are more into minimalism style in the house and earth colors lover, than some blue prints like pillows would refresh your room a lot but will keep the coziness and warmth that we all like in winter time.

Blue and Earth Colors

Wish you all a good February for your house and a great time decorating it.

Parisian Diary

I was looking through my past pictures folders and I found the winter trip to Paris with my sister and family. So decided to share some of the memories from there to you. Maybe the pictures does not describe the whole trip and adventure there, but sure do describe the beauty of some little things that I enjoyed and loved.
It was for my very first time to see Paris and it kind of cached me with it’s chic and Parisian Architecture, even though the weather wasn’t the best.

The long narrowed windows or balconies you see on almost each facade brings into the mind the beauty of the Parisian history kept for years. Building facades are decorated with graved details where you see different figures and ornaments, which gives a heavy look a little bit but in the same time rich and posh. The gold lions and the gold polished facades spread in the air royalty and makes you love Paris for that even more.
Feeling special after the whole chic urban structure of Paris, Notre Dam de Paris takes you in the past and open the gate to the history, pain, war and amazing work in construction. Notre Dam de Paris is one of my favorites due to its ability to stop you thinking and start admiring and enjoying the work that has been done there. When you think how many historical moments where held in that building you will feel even more special and important to have this opportunity to see it.
One more breathtaking place is Eiffel Tower, one of the biggest keepers of love moments in the whole history. Love is spread in the air around it, and even you are not a romantic one from your nature, you are going to get inspired by it anyway. I have no idea why people started to think and decided that Eiffel tower is one romantic place, for sure not because of it’s steel structure look, but it has something in it that you love.

And finally, there is nothing better to warm up in a cold winter day, but sweetened pink sugar wool and a sister to share it. Paris is one sparkled capital…

Paris Long Narrowed Balcony Windows

Eiffel Tower

Notre Dam de Paris

Notre Dam de Paris

Notre Dam de Paris


Parisian End