Alberto Pinto – Bedrooms

Looking for some new fresh looks for your bedroom or other parts of your home?  Here comes Alberto Pinto, the amazing french interior designer and photographer with his amazing books and gorgeous design ideas. The harmony he uses between volume and space of the house is just amazing. You wanna have a royal bedroom style or an original one, there is everything you need for inspiration in this book I linked it to amazon so you can have it too…

Alberto Pinto – Bedrooms

Top 5 Architectural Digest

When coming to reading for architects, certainly a book has a major impact, but never put aside the importance of a good architectural or designing website/blog.

I listed my top 5 Architectural Digest that I check and love reading and getting inspired from. Click on the pictures and get directly to it’s website or get the website under the title and enjoy.

One of the famous ones. Arch-Daily provides with competitions going on, or future projects from all around the world that widen your knowledge and gives you a lot of projects and architects to read about.


2: HomeDSGN
What I love about this website is the variety of projects and description of its exterior as its fascinating interior. Also, there are projects that provides house plans, so is easy to see the big picture of the project and surprisingly easy to get.


3: Architecture Lover
It is one amazing website that includes projects in there development as well as finished. Finding the architectural international schools in the whole world, having tours in Europe and knowing the latest competitions, makes this website very readable and interesting.

Architecture Lover

4: E-Volo
This website inspires me for the future existing projects that great architects are working on. There is a standard building and architecture, but there is something like E-Volo that shows another side of the story.


5: Flip Board
Mostly this is an application for mobile phones and a great one. It has all the news from the world but also includes a rich digest in design and architecture, graphical design and technical part. So, whenever you are bored or tired, this is a good app for a quick refresh.


Hope you liked my personal Top 5 Architectural must read Websites and waiting for you to share yours.

Architectural Record’s House of the Month – January


Architectural Record’s House of the Month for January is the Solo House by Pezo Von Ellrichshausen in Northern Spain.

A top heavy design, where a large open floor plate sits atop a square central podium cantilevering in all four directions, provides 360degree views over the tree tops and into the distance.

Check out the monolithic mountain retreat and see what you think.

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Green Building & Remodeling For Dummies

Green Building & Remodeling For Dummies by Eric Corey Freed

This book is an amazing book for all those interested in remodeling and going green. What I love about this book is authors simple way of explaining and bringing up the ideas. Eric Corey wrote this book for his wife, that was interested in having and using green materials and machines in her own house.
Starting from your kitchen materials and units to bathroom and living room, this book helps to pick the right green furniture in the house. Also, helping to use the sun energy correctly will make your house reach to Passive House Standards.
This amazing book has it’s own way of sharing the information and helping to see the big picture of the materials used in the building and construction, and show the thinking behind recycling it.

“It is Wiser to find out than to suppose” Mark Twain
Green Building & Remodeling For Dummies