Top 7 Why is awesome to be an Architect

It is always good to be inspired of the things you are doing.. and love about your professional career. So from all the beautiful things that are in this world in filed of architecture, I will list only top 7 Why is awesome to be an Architect. The awesomeness of architecture is in just loving it and so much enjoying it.

Always good to be an Architect

1: Plenty of time, because of various schedules of projects.
Apparently everyone get’s a lot of time while studying architecture and maybe some time when working. The schedules vary from month to month. Due to that, architects can have other favorite occupations..anything you can possibly think you can do. Creativity is always on the go and whether architects have time or not they are looking for inspiration everywhere and every time. So, for those who are not, be around architects cause you never know when you’ll participate to a very crazy inspired idea and quite enjoy it…

2: Rich Social life
Attending workshops, meetings and working on projects, you can meet a crazy amount of interesting people and create a very rich network. People working in art, architecture and engineering, IT, marketing and a couple of lawyers are usually people that surround architects. Not necessary to be talkative or shy, you are gonna be rich in amount of people you know anyway… If you are not the one to start the conversation, there are people that want to work with you and have your projects all the time.

3: World wide traveling
You or the company you are working with have projects with other countries?… Why not traveling around the world and discover new places and exciting cities… This is the beauty of it: Architecture does not stop growing and developing. Whether it is an old or brand new house, you can enjoy visiting them and taking the most method of building or designing it.

4: Loads of activities
Architects are involved in various meetings and attending galleries or projects, that make the daily planning activity look very busy… in a good way. Being busy helps to stop thinking and worrying about life problems and things and start enjoying life properly.

5: Surviving deadlines or?
Who said that deadlines should be so painful and hard. When you have the right people around you, you never feel the pressure time and actually quite enjoy it. Usually, pressure and the lack of time – grow excitement and adrenalin in humans body and make the happy cells function. Working on late nights, a good laugh is always there.

6: More projects – less Fitness
One more great thing about deadlines is that architects don’t need to go to fitness. Projects make architects loose weight and that is brilliant time to eat whatever your wish is…Thinking, thinking, thinking makes the brain work double and so the body burns more calories. So, deadlines could become very tasty for someone too…

7: Fashion on and off!
There are two good sides about fashion field of an architect. The first one is that architects should look amazing all the time in order to sell their projects to the clients. The plus is that architects look gorgeous no matter what.
The second one instead is that while working from home on the projects, for days and nights, architects have to wear comfy clothes as pajamas or a very large shirt. So loving going out with amazing outfits or loving your pajamas – find this under Architects Department!

That was my very own Top 7 Why is awesome to be an Architect. Hope you liked it and wait for your comments what makes you love so much about being whatever you are.
No matter what you are working with, there is always a delicious side of it…


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